Sun 13 August 2017

Dating and Marriage

Posted by Anibal Locklear in misc   


When we have no single idea about dating, we can go and visit We would be able to learn about new things that we never thought of before. It would help us open our eyes to endless possibilities that dating is. We might thought that we knew everything we need to learn about dating but we might be wrong.


Dating could be a very broad subject. It goes with a lot of things. First of all, what kind of couple you are has a bearing on what would be the kind of dating we will have. On the other hand, what kind of culture we are in also plays a role on what kind of dating we will have.


For asian countries, dating is more approached conservatively and parents always have to make the decisions of whom should one date. They also sometimes fix mates for their children to make sure that they will have a good future. Even if this means security, this is not in favor with the children most of the times. Fix marriage does not always fix everything rather, it seems it complicates some things. With dating and marriage, it does not mean we always have to conform with culture, we have to conform with moral standards.